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this is deja vu news live from berlin nato gathers for a 70th anniversary as of searches for unity president from among those who've arrived in london he's repeated his call for members of the world's biggest military alliance to spend more on the fads this is just one of the issues dividing the allies also coming up. typhoon tamary lashes for the philippines the storm hits the east of the country with sustained winds of more than 150 kilometers per hour
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hundreds of thousands of people are forced to flee their homes we'll get the latest from manila. and the demonstrators who keep up the pressure as delegates get down to work at the u.n. climate summit in madrid their goal of making leading nations like germany carbon neutral i 25th. kind of football making the peano and lionel messi are awarded the prestigious following door pino coughing a stellar year on the pitch while messi wins this trophy for a record 6th time. i'm brian thomas great to have you with us u.s. president donald trump has arrived in london where he'll be marking nato's 70th birthday with other leaders of the world's biggest military alliance 2 days of talks dominated by. finances differences on how to approach russia and the cyber
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threats posed by chinese 5 g. telecom companies present tribes expected to continue to pressure allies to spend more and to back plans for a space based nato force. while the president is taking a more conciliatory approach to nato member states remain at odds over key issues 70 years after his formation the unity of the alliance is under rowing strains. nato performs on an impressive scale and exercises like this united and with clear leadership but the political reality often looks different better quarrels occur frequently the latest on tyga nest french president emanuel macron he criticized me to his brain dead in an interview with british news magazine the economist a damaging political slap in the face just before the meeting in london reported on my call president micro is very media savvy and knows how these things were and he
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knows how to make his voice heard. that the timing before the meeting in london was chosen deliberately. it could look at almost. the french president's remark was mainly aimed at turkey for its military operations undertaken without consulting nato partners turkey is a geo strategically important nato member but it has stepped out of line with its offensive in northern syria nato the only major western military alliance was paralysed to intervene another problem turkey has entered an arms deal with russia buying a strategic missile defense system. experts have agreed for months and even years that there's a problem with the alliance. a problem that u.s. president donald trump has exacerbated time and again america's withdrawal from
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syria surprised the alliance showing that the most powerful until my most reliable nato member is acting without consulting its european partners. now we have a problem with the americans a problem in the west with transatlantic relations why the americans see the europeans need us to problem not the solution. nato secretary general u.n. stoltenberg is under pressure he's seeking a clear commitment from all members 1st strong alliance for stoltenberg it's also a budgetary issue and also years we have seen that have started to increase again more troops more exercises more investments stoltenberg also try to get mccrone on board during a short visit to paris but without success france's president repeated his criticism. that they're probably needed to be a wake up call and i'm happy that i was able to spark
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a debate and that we can now think about our strategic goals. objectives strategic but stoltenberg did receive support from barry lynn german chancellor of america defended nato. and isn't of interest and we depend on this transatlantic alliance and that's why it's right for us to work for this alliance and take on more responsibility. 70 years since the defense alliance was founded the global security situation is much more complex than it was during the cold war. all powerful storm has made landfall in the philippines typhoon carries whipping up the waves bringing drenching rains winds topping 150 kilometers per hour is now heading towards the capital manila this typhoon has knocked out power in a number of provinces more than 200000 people have been forced to flee to safety mel's international airport has. spend it it's operations and organizers of the
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southeast asian games have had to cancel events there. let's get the very latest from the filled teams now let's bring in. santos joining us from manila can you tell us what's happening where you are. i'm here at the philippine weather bureau where i have confirmed that a fluke mari has made landfall a 4th time and round in manila were ready starting to feel the rains taking off and weather officials told us that we should expect heavy consistent rain throughout the evening storm surge warnings remain and also flooding is a flash point a major watch point for residents of many of that and surrounding communities surrounding provinces we have to i have to tell you that for many people here and many of them there is so about flooding many still remember the years before when we had our worst flood and waters reached up to the rooftops so many residents will
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be holding their breath until tomorrow when taken kemarre is expected to exit out and dump its brains out into the west philippine sea ok now sorties are evacuating thousands of people it's very difficult of course in remote areas how is that proceeding in those remote areas we're getting some images of the clean up exercises that get the roads clear to the communities that are. of manila. well there were. evacuations since yesterday local government officials were literally like foot soldiers going door to door knocking on people's houses and begging them pleading them with them and reasoning with them to move out of their house and into an evacuation center where they could be safe so that there's a lot of people that are ready to evacuation centers now the challenge now is to see what happens to those who are left behind or who refuse to leave as you said
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there are still some roads that are blocked because of all the debris and all the trees and once those are blocked we'll have better access to those areas and officials will be able to give us a better update on the status of the damage and give the residents were left there or those. i want to thank you ok and it's not just residents who are affected we have thousands of tourists coming in for the southeast asian games as well we understand a number of events have been canceled. those events that are happening dorris like canoeing windsurfing skateboarding the polo match have all been rescheduled but the philippine officials of the sea games said that the games will not be extended beyond. december and that. honest answers for us from manila with that thanks very much oh. let's get you some of the other stories making the news in chile dozens of students have staged
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protests at metro stations around the capital something i'll go jump turnstiles and help to avoid paying for take its anger over a fare hike triggered the still ongoing demonstrations in chile with protesters highlighting widespread inequality. authorities in mexico are hunting down cartel gunmen behind an attack that left $22.00 people dead that attack happened in the own close to the u.s. border dozens of gunmen sprayed houses and the city hall with bullets government workers and police officers were among the dead. britain's prince andrew may have to give evidence over his dealings with a late sex offender jeffrey have seen alleged drug traffickers underage girls to celebrities the powerful u.s. lawyers want to subpoena the prince the woman who accuses him of forcing her to have sex when she was just 17 as appeal to the british public support.
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a powerful storm that caused havoc in the american midwest has now moved on to the northeast more than half a meter of snow is forecast in some areas some $4000.00 flights have already been down so. now dozens of heads of state are expected at the u.n. climate conference underway in madrid over the next 2 weeks the u.n. secretary general antonio the terrorists open the summit with a call for action on climate change one main goal is ensuring that the world's biggest economies like germany's are carbon neutral by 2050 the focus right now is on who will launch real action against climate change last year a new record was set with humans pumping more gigatons of greenhouse gases into the environment than ever before now at the u.n. climate conference in madrid spain delegates from around the world are expected to get clear on exactly how they'll take action moving forward. u.n.
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secretary general antonio terra's said the war against nature must stop do we really want to be remembered as the generation that birdie be buried in the sand yet. why would the planet burn. and the pressure is on the last 5 years where the warmest since humans began recording temperatures extreme weather events are more common sea levels continue to rise to dangerous new levels. pollution in the atmosphere. and in our oceans is devastating ecosystems. but so far most countries are still heading in the wrong direction scientists say the vital markers of climate change are predicted to rise not fall in the coming decade emerging economies are burning more coal and the us one of the
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largest producers of greenhouse gas emissions pulled out of the paris agreement the u.s. delegation says that will change. unfortunately we are having to fight our way through a bit of a blockade by the fossil fuel industry but that will not prevail meanwhile europe is setting its sights on leadership the new head of the european commission ursula vander lyon said europe is prepping to blaze the trail to an economy that prioritizes eco friendly innovation climate. 2015 the european green deal is europe's new growth strategy it will cut emissions while also creating jobs funder lion said the e.u. wants to create a transition to climate neutrality that is irreversible with plans to invest one trillion euro in the next decade to make europe the 1st climate neutral continent in the world. the race is on to see who can create leadership that finally brings
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results so who's going to win this race our political correspondent kate bray joins us now on the stupid ones you. re talking about being carbon neutral by 2050 the pressures on countries like germany to do that what would a carbon neutral germany look like well germany said lee isn't winning the race right now to become carbon neutral by 20 or 50 that's for sure but it is still possible but that would be germany all 2050 would heavily rely on renewable energy of course that's something that we're already seeing develop here in germany and already solar and wind power for example accounts for about 45 percent of germany's energy that said the half a some huge setback in recent years particularly when it comes to wind power have been a lot of legal cases opened by normal members of the public who are opposing more wind farms some of them say and they want to know in my backyard exactly the same
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as nimbys they was then known as and they want to know what the potential health hazards fest of question is well at the same time right now is trying to offset that decision after the fukushima disaster to close down its nuclear power plant so at the moment it is certainly possible and germany is still continuing to invest in renewable energy and that would be one of the one of the main factors in creating a carbon neutral germany but of course i'm trying to imagine a gemini with no cars for example is simply out of the question there isn't exactly we've actually seen the number of cars owners actually increase in recent years and say germany's beloved also industry is certainly not something that's going to disappear overnight is a country where you can't even get a limit on the speed limit on a autobahns you know the numbers we're talking about one trillion over the next 10 years and they're sent task numbers i mean huge numbers and the german government the same time is really. you know any kind of deficit spending how's germany going
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to square the circle how can it restructure and not go into deficit spending create a green economy in the place of it's and we possible and that's already being some cities as well to suggest that there are alternatives that would cost the same amount of g.d.p. that germany currently spends on fossil fuel impulse at the moment say especially if we sort of restructure of renewable energy and particularly using hydrogen for example as an alternative to fossil fuels but that said the german government did announced earlier this year this $60000000000.00 climate policy but if you listen say any of the loudest critics though say that is simply not enough and right now germany is still sitting on this huge so while the government is very much obsessed it's really created this fetish really around the shots and no this black 0 of keeping a balanced budget in germany and again the you know the loudest critics say is
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simply not enough and germany needs to take a leading role in combating climate change particularly and europe and that is going to cost money ok and it is benefiting the green party right now the grid a fact is benefiting them politically is certainly i mean in the recent months we've seen these green policies shoot through the polls they're currently the 2nd strongest policy in germany and it is very likely that we will see the greens as part of the next german governments of course that will then also have an effect on germany's climate policy as well and we're also seeing especially young people in germany as a result of this could effect as you call it you know you will see more young people turning out onto the streets and calling their the climate policy here in germany into questions well they want to see a more ambitious plans from the german government but at the moment that does only seem to be having a limited effect on the actual actions of the governments of course at the moment they are the same at least. unwilling to renegotiate climate policy that will stick
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will have to see what comes out of madrid in the weeks ahead kate thanks very much . this is deed of union is live from berlin still to come on our program the restless searching say we need a photographer who chronicles her unique bond with the ocean's waves. but 1st stacks of modern art currently stored in basements are finally to get a new home groundbreaking ceremonies to take place here in berlin later for the museum of the 20th century as designed by the same architects behind london's tate modern gallery. priceless works of art waiting to be displayed. picasso back none more hold. 4000 pieces of stage and modern art stored in a basement. now plans to build the museum of the 20th century have been finalized the stop attacks behind hamburg's feel how many concert hall designed it after
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years of delay construction is now set to begin it's come to end this now we can finally present 20th century are appropriately culture ministers have to accept very expensive construction is these days especially if we are to build the right kind of museums for sophisticated art. building costs of already doubled to about $450000000.00 euros before ground was even broken in the 1st draft design the museum was too close to a protected historic church now it's supposed to be build narrow and deep another story below the water level the architect says the costs a nice surprise. that these works cost billions you have to realize you can't just make a building that's little more than a tin cover. the prestigious project has long been controversial loved by some mocked by others but many agree that berlin needs a modern not museum and the empty space of the cold. to a forum is
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a chance to prove that the german capital can build a beacon of the art weld. the government has approved about 364000000 euros for the project but not everyone supports it going in for a careful economist the pain threshold has already been surpassed that's why the f.t.p. did not vote with the other parliamentary groups we have to accept the majority of our solution but costs will need to be tracked very closely both sides have agreed to have the budget and the construction work checked twice a year yes into the shore of course ready to convince the critics that this is a great building that the science is necessary to present the works properly but given the amount that's been approved it's clear that we and especially those in charge have an extreme of legation to manage costs very very carefully getting guns guns in this cost management tools to fuel. the museum of the 20th century is expected to open its doors in 7 years time and the developers at least believe the current budget is realistic. let's talk
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football now in making a repeat of the u.s. in argentina's barcelona star lionel messi has been awarded football's a long door as the best female and male players of the year max merrill's here to talk about after the divorce more max. why did the judging panel choose megan rypien well she was the clear choice and not just for her performance on the pitch but kind of also off the pitch she's really turned into somewhat of an icon over the last few months and it's it was a little odd to see a not attend the ceremony were not clear as to why she was unable to come as she did attend the 5th or the best ceremony earlier in the year but the balland off i mean has only existed for 2 years this is the 2nd time it's been awarded but she really transcended this for i mean we can see here her giving speeches that's something that she was doing a lot this year as well after that world cup triumph that she led the usa to she
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was the. all of the tournament in that tournament and the joint top scorer as well with 6 goals so she had a fantastic performance absolutely and we can see also from this win the difference here it's the men's game that the the international game is valued of a club football she obviously won the world cup for instance last year when the hague a bag won the champions league again this year but she only came 4th so a clear difference that the men's game ok let's talk about the men's game lionel messi winning for the 6th time in 10 years that's incredible yes it is i mean and it's sort of business as usual for him this season which means incredible numbers but he he wasn't really necessarily everyone's favorite choice but what comes out in the middle moment this season posses in the 50 games in all competitions he scored 51 goals for barcelona and now a little less successful place at the copa america where he would have hoped to have finally won
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a title with his national side but he has an interesting lee one the ballon d'or since 2015 so quite the gap for someone who's been so dominant in these past few years but he as you rightly say has now want to record 6 moving want to head of christiane elder and we can take a listen to how he reacted to that you know that i mean it was unimaginable for me to think i could win one battle and all never mind but it's a pleasure to have so many wouldn't be the only one would say it's great that it's recognition and that makes me very proud where you know. it was ok there was another man who was up for this award though it from liverpool virgil van dyke what can you tell us about him well you know he was kind of maybe the fans and experts popular choice because defenders get overlooked traditionally by the ballon d'or they're less flashy of course on the pitch and also the stats don't read as well as for an attacking player only for defenders in the past have won the award. van dyke
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i think the outside choice for this one people were hoping that maybe he would be given the award but he came 2nd which is still a very good achievement he won the champions league and the nations league with netherlands so a good year for him not capped off entirely and he's young enough to have a shot again i absolutely yes max thanks very much for coming in today. now in the northern hemisphere it's the time of year when the oceans are at their most turbulent whipped up by winter winds the british photographer rachel teleport has a love of the sea the specially the waves near her home on the southeast coast of england her photos capture the power and the mystery of the sea look. when the sea churns and whales when the tides come in and gales with the water that's when british way photographer rachel tollable springs into action. just
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going to wash away stress to make sure. on the beaches of england's south east coast she takes spectacular photos of the sea as if she were out in the midst of it. photographing waves means dealing with a constantly changing subject. today if you can see that if you get one really big way the next year immediately after it at this beach and many beaches were for safety the. sake of people who see the 1st before i take a picture and then they're looking at the camera there's 2 more coming. rachael tonopah drew international attention with her photo series sirens she took the pictures during a special intense storms involving winds up to 150 kilometers per hour and waves as
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high as 15 meters it was the day the february trade she 60 which was storm and i spent the day here 2nd where we are now and it was 6 hours of utterly exhausting it's only pretty and photographer. she gave every wave she photographed for the series. a name taken from methodology. women decide in making the giant waves seem like raging gaunts or demons. if you freeze the city at a really fast shutter speed a 1000th of a 2nd or thereabouts there are amazing shapes and this is an example this one is called loki the norse trickster god he looks like he's having a good laugh. the photographer has always loved to see these mysterious and unearthly qualities but she also senses that now it poses an entirely new kind of
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menace i spent a lifetime looking at the sea and that this coast and i'm not a scientist but it fails to me that the incidence of a severe storms on this coast has grown which from a photographic perspective based quite exciting thought is obviously also has other ramifications. but when the sea becomes smooth and tranquil at any time it's time for rachel taliban to head home again. if you're a minder now of our top stories this hour u.s. president donald trump has arrived in long that to mark nato's 70th anniversary with other alliance leaders 2 days of talks will be dominated by budgets differences on how to approach russia and the cyber threats posed by china.
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this is deja vu news live from berlin up next our current affairs documentary close up we're taking a look at how artists are taking part in the protests and. that's all we have time for i'm brian thomas for the entire team thanks so much for being here. good.
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good good. good. good. art for the resistance. it plays a central role for the demonstrators in hong kong odd artists immortalized the heroes in victims of the protests and their works which keeps the spoke of the uprising alive but what price. and freedom in hong kong. goes up next on d w. in the sinister world of modern slavery.
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we meet people who've been enslaved. and the activists who framed the. research for the perpetrators. and even get one to speak with us in a rare interview wanting to keep the slave law. the 5 minutes on d w. 6 and now good look at me obsession of late yes especially as you can. bloody near to 10 in the middle of his election campaign to turn the camera back on the horse in the year 2000 a documentary secretly chronicled a power grab that. actually comes everything was precisely planned in structure to
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the freedom of russia. vladimir vladimirovich to the ends justify the means. putin's witnesses starts december 13th on d w. at these times all that would have brought book and at that there's no one can predict what happened. for months hong kong citizens have been demonstrating more and more of a sypher asli against china's increasing restriction of their freedom ah. ha i thought that the protests.


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